Professional Review

We’re incredibly pleased that our equipment has received the honors listed here, but we’re most proud of the countless people we help reach their fitness goals.

The ISPO Award Gold Medal at the German Sporting Goods Show in Germany, 2018

The ISPO Awards are another highlight of the show. Each year, ISPO will select the most outstanding and innovative sporting goods. This award has also become the glory and recognition of the international sporting goods industry that every brand strives for. The award was organized by an independent sports business professional to form a jury before the exhibition, focusing on innovation, design, and functionality. It also has indicators such as procurement guidelines, product innovation, and expert evaluation.

The Matrix S-Force Performance Trainer continued the winning streak of Matrix commercial series which won the Gold Award in 2017 for Matrix Rower with 2018 ISPO Award Gold Medal!

The S-Force Performance Trainer has designed specific trajectories for the professional athletes and integrated them with the magnetron system. Through the two different postures of the stance and the front grip, they train the main muscles used by speed and strength. This exercise starts the athletes. The speed and power of sprint acceleration are crucial. As the exercise intensity increases, the resistance load will increase accordingly. Elite athletes can challenge the sprint, explosiveness, and athletic performance to the next level. S-Force Performance Trainer also enhances the sports level of HIIT’s high-intensity interval training for general sports enthusiasts. When group training is set to suit individual’s pace goals, the resistance will automatically increase as the difficulty level increases. This means that HIIT enthusiasts can continue to challenge self-limit. This is why we specially designed the S-Force Performance Trainer.

Plus X Award: Most Innovative Brand, 2017

“Plus X Award” has a team of 26 experts prestigious jury consists of the world’s largest coverage of the technical, sports and lifestyle to judge related areas of the contest. Internationally, especially in the European market, this award is highly authoritative and sought-after.

The Best Product 2017 and the High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, and Functionality Awards are recognized by the panel of jury to excel in Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer. With the two awards in hand, Matrix brand once again won the MOST INNOVATIVE BRAND 2017 award. This award is the biggest and most prestigious award to be awarded by the professional jury. The panel of jury praised the development of the brand which not only to provide innovative products that enrich consumer lifestyle but also provide the market with a variety of products to choose from. , The Matrix Brand have created a new look in the existing fitness market!

The 14th German Plus X Award, 2017

Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer won another prestigious award in form of the “Plus X Award” after the German ISPO “Gold Winner 2016/2017”, Japan GOOD DESIGN (G-Mark) Design Award, Taiwan Excellence Award and TaiSPO Innovation Award. A total of 26 experts form a field of prestigious jury consists of world’s largest coverage of the technical, sports and lifestyle gather together to review judge related areas of the contest. Internationally, especially in the European market, this award is highly authoritative and sought-after.

Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer had received the award of High Quality, Unique Design, Ease of Use, and Functionality as well.

The awards are sponsored by the Media Society Networks in Germany to recognize the outstanding achievements of brands in terms of innovation, quality, design, ease of use / functionality, ergonomics and eco-environmental protection. With an international and independent panel of judges from 25 industries, 23 strategic partners and more than 600 participating international brands, the Plus X Award is the world largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle. Awards are given for new and innovative technologies, extraordinary design and intelligent, easy to use operating systems. Criteria such as outstanding ergonomic and ecological features, along with the use of high quality material add up to sustainable products with long lasting value and are also honoured by the Plus X Award. The innovation award was initiated to strengthen brands, trade and commerce and support consumers in their purchasing decisions.

In addition, Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer had won awards after awards, once again highlighting its breakthrough in achievement of award-winning excellent product by winning the Best Product 2017 award in supreme glory!

TOP HOTEL Star Award 2017 – Silver

Matrix Rower get Germany’s most accredited hotel trade magazine, Top Hotel vote for the TOP HOTEL Star Award 2017 – Silver class award in Wellness category. The award was presented in 19 March 2017 in INTERNORGA Award ceremony (Germany’s largest and most professional hotel and catering trade exhibition).

TOP HOTEL is a hospitality industry magazine issued by Freizeit-Verlag Landsberg, the largest hotel magazines publisher in Germany. They strive to recognize the outstanding achievements of the hotel supply industry to draw the best products for the hotel industry in 14 categories. More than 100 companies submitted their product advertising to nominate for one of the 14 categories (design, service, efficiency, food & beverage, flexibility, food concept, innovation, non-food, online, technology, usability, promotion, wellness, profitability). Only 3 products per category reached the final and were published in December 2016 magazine by the readers to vote in February. The event generate more than 4,000 public votes from readers to finally decide the 3 products in the assessment of gold, silver and bronze award.

Matrix Rower unique eye-catching streamline design complemented by black and silver colours, not only complement with 5-Star hotel’s image, but also bring top level of the fitness experience to the quests. Looking at the voting activities, Matrix Rower is not only TOP HOTEL first choice rowing machine, but also have a very high popularity among public readers!


TaiSPO Innovation Award, 2017

TaiSPO Awards of Excellence and Merit Award was awarded during a 4-day extravaganza trade event, Taipei International Sporting Goods Show to selected outstanding products in the sporting goods industry. An event that serves as a one-stop shop for the fitness enthusiasts and professional sports buyers to have the first-hand privilege on the latest technology in store. Johnson Health Tech is one of the 11 companies which won the TaiSPO Innovation Product 2017 – Excellence Award through Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer. The S-Drive Performance Trainer are seen by industry experts as an advanced development trend of sports products, taking into account of its high performance.

iF Design Award, 2017

JOHNSON Nest, a multifunctional foot massager won the 2017 iF Design Award; thuss become the first of the global massage goods and brands to receive a “IF Design Award” in its award history.

The “iF Design Award” was founded in 1953 and is among the most prestigious and largest design competitions in the world. This award is held annually by the iF International Forum Design GmbH. About 60 considerable design-experts from over 20 countries evaluate in a fair jury process and according established criteria the award winners. Such criteria involve Innovation and Elaboration, Functionality, Aesthetics, Responsibility and Positioning. For a company, winning an IF award can be the key to break into a new market – or getting valuable media attention and respect & take it to the next level.

After nearly a year of rigorous development, Johnson Health Care Co., Ltd together with U designgroup come up with the design for JOHNSON Nest. Both company collaborated and fully committed to create the most comprehensive foot massager made exclusively for the human feet. Nest Patented Industry-Leading 3D Calf Massage Mechanism supporting kneading, rolling, and shiatsu by movements of up-down, depth-shallow, different speeds. Partnering with Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences, Nest equipped a sophisticated and advanced software programs for a delicate perfect massage such as 5 Auto modes: Sleep, Energize, Toning, Reflexology, and Calf only.

“iF Design Award” jury panel approval of JOHNSON Nest show legs machine is more than just a multi-functional foot massager, it was designed with consumer utmost comfort as priority which lead research and development of the exclusive innovation program. High quality aesthetic design can be perfectly integrated into the home environment. The latest research and development of the warm dust cover (Chic Pad) keeps dust and dirt out of the foot-well as well as act as a cozy blanket that keeps the user’s feet warm. The control panel situated at the upper part of the massager is intuitive and align more with the eyesight of users for a easy-to-use function.

JOHNSON Nest, in addition to a sophisticated functional design, cleverly integrated into each user’s home making it more like an ideal furniture while also delivering the perfect massage. JOHNSON Nest are currently available in 59 countries worldwide this year with more than 5,500 products sold!

ISPO Award, 2017

ISPO organizers host the ISPO Global Design Award (ISPO Award) to honours the most exceptional sporting goods. A jury consisting of 49 well-known independent sports business professional from 13 different countries evaluates 540 participation entries in this year evaluation. The Health & Fitness segment only selected 5 Gold Winner Award and 6 Winer Award for the ISPO Award 2017.

Johnson Health Tech once again stand out to achieve success with the Matrix Rower is the Gold Winner of ISPO Award 2017. Matrix Rower, a rowing strength-cardio machine, was unanimously praised: its design being highly innovative, a self-powered console offers an ultimate low-impact, full-body workout. Its smart design features a compact build, whisper-quiet operation, a smoother stroke, easy program adjustment and ten precise magnetic resistance levels.

“We were impressed by the innovative design featuring a sturdy external frame and powerful, masculine styling. The quality components assure a smooth and natural movement.” (Aleks Tatic, Tatic Designstudio srl, Founder and Designer)

Another Johnson products, the Horizon: Bike Citta BT 5.0 is Winner of ISPO Award 2017 in the health & fitness segment. The Citta BT 5.0 is an exercise bike with innovative frame, hidden pedal crank, adjustable console, and safety design for the entire family. The combination of sports, work and leisure design, integrated table board allows you to work side by side, or use the flat screen to browse web games and other entertainment.

Taiwan Excellence Award, 1998-2017

The 25th Taiwan Excellence Award was held at the Taipei International Convention Centre on 15th February 2017 with a total of 518 companies and 1,188 products entries had joined to compete and be evaluated by 90 professional judges. Two Johnson products, Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer and Matrix Rower had respectively won the Taiwan Excellence Award in the Recreation and Sports industry. The intense competition estimated only a 0.2% of winning chance.

With over 50 Taiwan Excellence Award won by Johnson Health Tech products from 1998-2017, a special Achievement Award was given by the Department of International Trade Taiwan Bureau with Secretary, Yang Zhenni personally hand the award at Johnson Health Tech headquarters.

Gold's Gym India - Supplier of the Year, 2017

Johnson Health Tech is delight to announce Matrix brand had once again voted as Vendor of the Year (Best Supplier) at the Gold’s Gym India annual meeting. The award was received on behalf by CRAVATEX, Matrix India dealer. The 2017 conference was held in Hong Kong, with over 120 Gold’s Gym India franchisees participated in the vote and reaffirmed Matrix brand as one of the best fitness equipment manufacturer brand in India.

Japan GOOD DESIGN (G-Mark) Design Award, 2016

S-Drive Performance Trainer, which has been well received by critics and public alike since its inception was awarded the GOOD DESIGN (G-Mark) Design Award in Japan on October 2016.

Good Design Award 2016 (Japan) marks the 4th design award win for Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer in Y2016. Together with Red Dot Design Award (Germany), iF Design Award (Germany) and International Design Excellence Awards (USA), the product had tied down the world’s 4 major design awards, became known as “Oriental design Oscar” reputation. Critics and public also pointed out that S-Drive Performance Trainer’s self-generating system makes it different from the existing products in the industry.

American Fitness Equipment Professor Best Buy, 2016

Matrix Retail tagline “Bring it Home” is not just all talk. The world’s fastest-growing commercial fitness brand developed a new premium collection that allows fitness enthusiasts to experience the familiar health club experience at home. FIT PROF, Fitness Professor Review had awarded Matrix Fitness as their 2017 FIT PROF Brand of the Year award.

Read below for the achievement Matrix Fitness had achieved in FIT PROF;

  • Matrix Fitness joined the FIT PROF professional evaluation for the brand of the year award, effectively won “Brand of the Year Award 2017”.
  • Matrix Commercial is a five time winner of “Best Commercial Cardio” for its manufacturing prowess and commitment to quality for their commercial product line.
  • Matrix Retail have a total 10 products which won FIT PROF professional evaluation for the “Best Buy Bikes, Best Buy Cardio, Best Buy Upright”.

German Design Award, 2016

The German Design Award was bestowed by The German Design Council, expert for the brand and design in Germany with the purpose to encourage unique design trends of outstanding products and to promote the design industry talents. As the election standard is extremely strict, the competition is only open to entries that have been nominated for the German Design Award by the German Design Council or one of its foundation members.

In the German Design Award 2017 held in Frankfurt on 10 February 2017, there were over 4000 winners and products nominated. 49% of which won Excellent Product Design and 38% for Excellent Communications Design. There were only 13 products in the Sports category received special mention and 6 of the products won the Excellent Product Design. Matrx In-Trinity is the German Design Award 2017 winner while Matrix Rower receive a special mention.

Taiwan 20 major international brand value, 2016

The Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic conducted the 2016 Taiwan 20 Major International Brands Value survey through global brand consultancy agency, Interbrand. On 29 November 2017, the survey result was officially announced. The combined brand values of the top 20 Taiwan’s Best Global Brands total at USD$ 9.243 billion in 2016, up 3.21% from 2015 (USD$ 8.955 billion). These brands come from a more diverse and comprehensive pool of industries. Taiwan’s corporate brand awareness continues to strengthen and more attention was put into the branding and operation, even in the face of changing market environment. Johnson Health Tech brand in 2015 is valued at USD$144 million getting in the Top 20 list at number 17th. Compared with 2014, our brand value grew 3%. For 2016 this year, Johnson brand value grew a further 5% to USD$152 million. With a high establishment and intense marketing effort, Johnson Health Tech emerge as the only fitness equipment manufacturers in the Top 20 list!

Matrix was selected as the preferred supplier of Gold's Gym, 2016

Gold’s Gym, the world’s leading gym club franchise had re-selected Matrix Fitness as the preferred supplier for 2016 making it the 4th time after selection in 2009, 2012 and 2013. The selection is according to rating criteria such as customer satisfaction, gym quality, product quality, etc. The award was announced at the annual Gold’s Gym conference with more than 25 Gold Gym franchises witness this glory.

Germany Men's Health Magazine Innovative Cardio Product, 2016

S-Drive Performance Trainer has been recognized by the fitness industry, clubs and coaches since its inception In September 2016, Men’s Health, the German men’s health magazine, nominated Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer for the most innovative aerobic products category and successfully won the “Most innovative Cardio Product 2016”!

The 13th German Plus X Award, 2016

Founded in 2004, the Plus X Award is given to industry leaders evaluated by a professional panel jury consists of independent industry experts. It is a competition for innovative products such as technology, sports and lifestyle in Europe. The products covered are not limited to a specific category. The winner of Plus X Award will get the reputation that their winning product is innovative, high quality, unique design, easy operation and eco-friendly products.

The Horizon Adventure 3 treadmill won the 13th German Plus X Award in 2016 for Best Product 2016/2017 in the sporting goods category and was praised for its “high quality, convenience, functionality”. The award is a great affirmation by experts given to the product.

24th Taiwan Excellence Award, 2016

The 24th Taiwan Excellence Award gather 1,180 entries from 498 manufacturers. Johnson Health Tech won the 2016 Taiwan Excellence Silver Award for Matrix In-Trinity and the 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award for Matrix Connexus.

Award organiser highlight our overall strength in manufacturing and production quality as well as our product service. Especially for the award criteria of Taiwan Excellence Gold and Silver Award, the award winning company need to have the qualification of the below; customer demand (20%), customer service (20%), after-sales service (20%), customer satisfaction (20%) and customer relationship (20%). The five qualification need to meet in a written review together with a visit to the factory. The award-winning is certainly the result of Johnson Health Tech efforts.

ISPO Award, 2016

Matrix Y2016 new product, the S-Drive Performance Trainer won the “ISPO Award – Gold Winner 2016/2017” out of 535 finalists at the launch of the International Jury Award. Matrix In-Trinity won the award “Product of the Year 2016 / 2017 “.

ETM Test Magazine Awards, 2016

In Germany, ETM Test Magazine review hundreds of products each year through rigorous testing to help consumers understand product quality. In 2016, ETM Test Magazine conducted a detailed review of the Horizon Paragon 8E treadmill and the Adventure 3 treadmill, both products are rated “Good” for 91.6% and 89.74%, respectively. The judges commented on the treadmill’s various training programs and the suspension system.

3rd Taiwan Mittelstand Award, 2015

Taiwan Mittelstand Awards is part of the “Mittelstand Enterprises’ Development Plan”, which is initiated by Taiwan Executive Yuan on 8, October 2012. These awards are set up to encourage local small and medium enterprises that have solid fundamental skills and offer unique products in a specific field. They are highly competitive internationally while also holding leading manufacturing or business positions in the Taiwan market. More small and medium enterprises are expected to follow in the footsteps of the award winners and become dominant players in their respective fields.

A total of 162 companies in Taiwan submit their application forms. 81 companies goes through more than six months of the test and 12 companies will become final winners. The Ministry of Economic Affairs hosted The 24th National Quality Award and the 3rd Taiwan Mittelstand Award at the auditorium of the Executive Yuan on 21 May 2015. Premier Mao Chi-kuo personally presented the awards to 16 award winners. Johnson Health Tech was proudly presented as one of the winners of the 3rd Taiwan Mittelstand Award!

International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), 2009-2010

One of the world’s four major design awards, the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) was founded in 1979 as one of the world’s most influential industrial design competitions. For 37 years, IDEA has been conducted by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). IDEA recognizes excellent creative designs—not just industrial design, but also architecture, interior design, user experience, graphic design and design strategy. Johnson Health Tech won the 2009 IDEA Industrial Design Awards for its Matrix T7xe treadmill in 2009 and won this award again in 2010 with Matrix G7 Strength Machine. Chosen from tens of thousands of entries each year, this achievement is a big encouragement to us!